Yeah, Gal-O Sengen

Gal O Sengen is a song from POLICEMAN's debut album KEISATSU. It is very popular amongst Synchtube and /v/ for it's high-paced animation and general good times. It grew in popularity during early 2011, dying out in around June/July.

Min'na ga daisukida




On February 12th 2012, /v/ was challeneged by the fags over at Reddit to a best of 5 in /v/'s favorite Sanic simulator, Tribes: Ascend. Reddit, who had been training for almost a month lost to a team set up less than an hour before the match. >Well-coordinated and heavily practiced Reddit team beaten by a rag-tag group of /v/irgins run by a furry tripfag and a BR with 140 ping The song Gal-O Sengen was played in /v/'s victory speech given after the game during the live stream watched by thousands.

Parody Edit

There is a great parody of the song available on YouTube. [[1]]

After winning the matches Gal-O Sengen made a triumphant comeback as the victory music for Team /v/, being the background music on /v/ for about a week. Many GO GO GO GO GAL O SENGENS were had around.

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